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An efficient sprinkler system is required to maintain your beautiful landscape. Poor quality sprinkler systems can be inefficient and may not work as expected. You'll get superior irrigation and sprinkler products from Sprinkler World of Colorado Springs, CO.


We pride ourselves in having over 1300 different parts in our inventory. We also have over

3000 different parts that can be quickly ordered on your request. Our superior irrigation and sprinkler systems will leave you delighted for sure. Call 719-442-6797 today!

Beautify your landscape with our sprinkler systems

A variety of leading sprinkler brands and parts

  • Rain Bird

  • EZ-FLO

  • Netafim

  • Watts

  • Atlantic

  • Irritrol

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Our Sprinkler Products


  • Hunter


  • Toro


  • Weathermatic

  • Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting

You'll get a variety of leading irrigation and sprinkler brands to elevate the beauty of your landscape. Whether you're an irrigation contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, our store has all the sprinkler system resources you need under one roof. Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more.

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