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If you're searching for durable and affordable sprinkler parts in Colorado Springs, CO, look no further than Sprinkler World. You'll get exemplary irrigation and sprinkler parts to meet your needs. Call 719-442-6797 to learn more.


Our friendly professionals are highly skilled and knowledgeable to guide you with your irrigation projects or help you with complete installations. Contact us to learn more about our quality products and services.

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"Our thanks to you folks at Sprinkler World for five great years of working with us to have a beautiful yard. We love our Netafim underground watering system; first because of the great lawn we have, secondly because there is no water loss to wind and evaporation, third our low water bill and fourth the fertilizer running in the system saves a lot of work.


As recently retired folks, who like to travel, we know that our Netafim system together with the Rain Bird drip line we use in our gardens, hanging plants and pots allows us to travel and come back home to a beautiful yard.  


You are the best!"

- Laurel and Art Thorstensen

Durable sprinkler system parts since 1998

"Three years ago Sprinkler World helped me get all the parts I needed to install my home sprinkler system. Since then, they have been turning it on every Spring and shutting it down every Winter. They are great!"

- Aaron & Allison Maravilla

"One view is looking toward the west, the other toward the east, with the terrace wall in the background. This is 2,000 sq. feet of turf, completely sub-irrigated with Netafim drip. Two experts have estimated that this turf area would require approximately 900 gallons of water per day to keep healthy during the summer.


We are using approximately 60 gallons of water per day using the Netafim system. Cool, huh? We think so! Our only issue with the system is that we have to cut our grass Every three days or it becomes so thick that our self-propelled mower won't go through it!


We want you to know how much we appreciate the expertise and support we have received from Sprinkler World over the four years during which we have been working on developing the landscape plan for our eleven acres. We have over two miles of dripline installed on the property, which would have cost us many thousands of dollars to install if we had hired someone to do the work.


Dan, Mike and you taught us whatever we needed to know to create the system ourselves, although your on-location help during initial installation was invaluable. We're able to maintain, modify or augment our system whenever we need to, with full knowledge and understanding of what we're doing.


The quality of the components we have purchased from Sprinkler World far surpass those obtained from our local home improvement warehouses, and more precisely fit our requirements.


We are able to sustain a beautiful, lush, xeriscaped garden, plus our extraordinary turf area, with the absolute minimum amount of water and weeds, which provides us stunning color from April through October. I'm going to send you one more e-mail after this one to show

you what the garden looks like.


Visitors are astonished at what we are able to produce at 7200 feet. Our secret is our drip system with in-line feeding. We take great pleasure and pride in our yard. Thank you Sprinkler World for all around top-notch service over the years."

- J & M, Black Forest, CO

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